Committed to Succeed

The team at AVEM Insight have one common goal – to develop the next generation of wildlife hazard management. Formalised in 2017, this mindset has been developed over many years. 

We are a highly motivated team of aviation and technology professionals with a wide skills base. Our team has been very carefully selected to ensure a contemporary view of artificial intelligence and the aviation industry can be applied to meet your needs.

Everything we do is designed to reduce costs and save lives. We are not encumbered by internal conflict, bias, or legacy thinking. Our SMEs work within and are shaping the challenging dynamics associated with the aviation industry.


Creative Solutions for Aviation and Beyond

Our development process begun with a few simple questions:

  • How can wildlife hazards be managed better?

  • How can emerging technology be used to reduce cost and increase efficiency?

From here we embarked on a journey of discovery as we engaged with industry leaders, airlines, airports, universities, Defence organisations, and wildlife management agencies. It soon became clear that no single silver bullet would suffice; rather this unique challenge required a unique combination of solutions and collaboration to provide genuine value.

These solutions are now being developed and tested every day. If you are an aviation stakeholder who is concerned with the cost or efficiency of your wildlife hazard management plan reach out today and see where we can help.



The AVEM platform is a multi-tiered aviation product that ingests data from multiple automated and manual sources, and merges these via the latest advances in A.I. and predictive analytics to output highly valuable wildlife risk data to any stakeholder concerned with aviation safety.

This goes far beyond the constrains of the airfield boundary. Our data can be used to inform airlines or private aviators during flight planning, air traffic control during critical operations, or even aviation insurers concerned with reducing the total risk profile of their customers.

AVEM model.png